Where is My Package?


Thank You For Your Order!


We are a small business and we appreciate our customers.


That's nice, but where is my order?


A shipping confirmation email, with tracking info, will be automatically sent to the email address we have on file as soon as we print out your shipping label. If you do not see this email, please check your spam folder. It may be in there.


If you still don't see this email, it may be that we haven't shipped your order yet. Please feel free to reach out! We don't ship on weekends, and we often don't even look at emails until Monday morning. (When I say "We" it means "me," the guy who reverse engineered all these cool old things, and who built the workshop to make them in, and the machines in the workshop, and the guy who also makes these cool old things every single day, even when he should be taking his kids fishing, and also the guy who orders and maintains all the supplies and materials {American only please}, and the guy who also keeps the books, and makes sure the crew gets paid every Friday, and who also cleans the bathrooms, and goes shopping once a week to re-stock the snacks and drinks in the break room, and most importantly, the guy who also makes sure that Pedro the shop cat has all of his favorite food, because Pedro does not like being disappointed. In other words, I love my job, and there isn't always enough of me to go around, but I am always on it.)


We normally process orders in the afternoon, Monday through Friday, and the USPS will pick the order up the following day.


If you place a large order, it may take a few extra days to pack, please feel free to reach out before, or after placing large orders and we'll be happy to let you know the lead time.



The tracking number shows that the shipping label has been printed, but it still hasn't been given to the USPS?


The answer is that the USPS here in Los Angeles doesn't EVER seem to scan packages into the system, they just sort them by eyeballing the labels and tossing them into the right truck. It may be several days before your package passes through the hands of a postal worker who actually scans the barcode. You can safely assume that your package was on a truck the day after your label was printed. But remember, the USPS is VERY slow, it will take longer than you want for the package to arrive. And you may be tempted to send me an angry email every 15 minutes, but please RESIST the temptation! If you live in the lower 48 and your order still hasn't arrived after two weeks, it may be lost, please reach out to us and we will be happy to issue a refund or send a replacement.


If you choose UPS:


The UPS will scan your package and you should see your tracking go live the moment they have it.


If you choose FedEx:


FedEx will scan your package and you should see your tracking go live the moment they have it.


If you choose DHL:


DHL will scan your package and you should see your tracking go live the moment they have it. BUT, please bear in mind that there are no actual DHL drop off locations in Los Angeles, and we do not have a regularly scheduled pick up with them, so we have to take your package to our neighborhood shipping service who can pass it along to DHL. And they are super nice, but they close early.



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