Single Oil-Filled .047mF Bumblebee Capacitor

$ 32.00

One (1) Luxe .047uF Bumblebee Capacitor.

(Complete with amber spaghetti tubing insulation on each lead.)

We've gotten a lot of requests for these, and here they are. These are made the same funky old school way as our other Sprague bumblebees and our Cornell-Dubilier caps, so they will leak voltage and play all kinds of other tricks on your digital multimeter, but rest assured, they've been tested every step of the way on dedicated capacitance bridges, and they will do just what they were made for when you wire them into your guitars. The weird things that play games with your multimeter are the same things that give Luxe caps their unique sound.

Just remember that they leak voltage, so these are only for guitars!

These are brand new, made in the U.S.A. in the Luxe Radio workshop, to Vintage Specs.
Each cap is hand wound on an original Vintage Winding Machine using exact vintage spec aluminum foil and paper film. They're hand soldered, hand cast in oven-proof thermoplastic, hot vacuum impregnated with pure castor oil and hand-painted.

These parts are fresh from the time machine and authentic inside AND out.

Available in bulk: Just the parts with no box, no diagrams and no extras.

We are the manufacturers, the caps will ship directly from us, and, as Always, everything is Guaranteed 100%.

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